4th Annual Meeting of Erasmus Exchange Partners

Written on:March 31, 2012
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The 4th annual meeting of Erasmus exchange partners took place on Friday, March 30, in BAC. University representatives from multiple European countries gathered to present their institutions and get to know each other in an informal environment followed by a short cocktail. There were some old AUBG partners as well as some potential new members of the AUBG Erasmus network.

“The idea is for partners to come to AUBG in order to see it from close inside, to have the idea for advertising and sending us incoming Erasmus students,” said Mariya Handzhiyska, AUBG Erasmus Assistant. The presentation is usually between the partners themselves, but the event is open to the students and the community.

“There are some new partners who are now considering the idea of becoming an Erasmus partner of AUBG, so they came here to see the University – if it is possible and if it is worth for their students,” said Handzhiyska. Among these partners were universities from Belgium, Lithuania and Poland.

“I am quite impressed by this institution, the facilities and the environment,” said Jean-Michel Gregorie, Institutional Erasmus Coordinator for the University College Haute Ecole EPHEC in Brussels, a potential new partner. “I am quite confident that we will consider signing an agreement for the future,” he said.

Tessa van Elh is an Erasmus exchange student from Holland who is doing her minor in AUBG this semester. She attended the meeting in order to see her Erasmus coordinator who sent her here. Elh remembered how she ended up at AUBG: after deciding she really wanted to go to Eastern Europe, she visited AUBG’s website and found it very interesting. “Of course you never know what to expect, but I said, ‘Well, let’s take a gamble.’ It will be fun,” Elh said and smiled. “And it is.”



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