Monthly Archives: February 2012

“The Right to Choose is a Fundamental Right of Liberty”


Not always words are needed to express the attitude towards an issue. Check out the pictures from the protest and compare students and administration.

Provost Reed and the New MEAL PLAN


Provost Reed insisted today in front of AUBG media that the Meal Plan will be a good thing for the AUBG community.

Live Broadcast of the Meeting with Provost Reed about the Meal Plan (update)


Provost Cyrus Reed didn't allow live broadcast from the meeting.

Santa Claus wants our money


True power of the Mass


Soccer Update – Week 5

king football

Your weekly dose of soccer! Results, schedule, current standings, and the top goalscorers of the semester so far.

AUBG Dining Services – communication beyond language


The personnel’s lack of English skills does not actually bother students after the initial language barrier adjustment.

The Oscars 2012


As some had already predicted, the Oscar for the best picture went to Michel Hazanavicius’s silent movie The Artist.

don’t postpone your right


Protest against meal plan


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